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1.  Bread  Guitar Man
2.  Deep Purple  Fireball
3.  Smolar, Adi  Pasji Dnevi Za Kantavtorje
4.  Bread  Baby I'm-A Want You
5.  Wright, Gary (ex - Spooky Tooth)  The Dream Weaver
6.  Koala Voice  Plata
7.  Bublé, Michael  Christmas
8.  Wonder, Stevie  In Square Circle
9.  Crosby Stills & Nash  Crosby, Stills & Nash
10.  Air  10 000 Hz Legend
11.  U2  The Unforgettable Fire
12.  U2  October
13.  U2  Under A Blood Red Sky
14.  Motorhead  No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith
15.  Franklin, Aretha  The Atlantic Singles Collection 1967-1970
16.  Green Day  Nimrod
17.  Doors  Morrison Hotel Sessions
18.  Styx  Pieces of Eight
19.  Ramones  Triple J Live At The Wireless - Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia, July 8, 1980
20.  Led Zeppelin  Celebration Day
21.  Taylor, Corey  CMFT
22.  Simon, Carly  Another Passenger
23.  Cranberries  Icon
24.  Bowie, David  Tonight
25.  Bowie, David  The Man Who Sold The World
26.  Bowie, David  Pinups
27.  Nelson, Rick (Ricky)  Rick Is 21 / Album Seven
28.  Boone, Pat  Hit Selection - 44 Original Recordings
29.  Miles, John  Zaragon
30.  Sha Na Na  The Golden Age of Rock 'N' Roll
31.  Aznavour, Charles  The Legend Sings in English
32.  Waters, Muddy  The R&B Hits
33.  Sha Na Na  The Golden Age of Rock 'N' Roll
34.  Checker, Chubby  Five Classic Albums Plus Bonus Singles And Twistin' Tracks
35.  Smiths  The World Won't Listen
36.  Wishbone Ash  There's The Rub
37.  Wishbone Ash  There's The Rub
38.  Hall & Oates (Daryl Hall & John Oates)  Big Bam Boom
39.  Hall, John / The John Hall Band  All of the Above
40.  Robert Shaw Chorale  Zbor Roberta Shawa – Operni Zborovi
41.  Van Halen  OU812
42.  Van Halen  Diver Down
43.  Van Halen  5150
44.  Sinatra, Nancy  Movin' With Nancy
45.  Sinatra, Frank  Frank Sinatra (The World We Knew)
46.  Sinatra, Frank  The Main Event: Live
47.  Rolling Stones  Some Girls
48.  Sinatra, Frank  Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back
49.  Genesis  Genesis
50.  Holiday, Billie  Lady Day
51.  Armstrong, Louis  Singin' Satchmo
52.  Getz, Stan  The Sound
53.  Khan, Chaka  Live!
54.  Mark-Almond  The Best of Mark-Almond
55.  Mark-Almond  The Best of Mark-Almond
56.  Mark-Almond  To the Heart
57.  Mark-Almond  To the Heart
58.  Mark-Almond  Mark-Almond 73
59.  Various Artists  Woodstock Four
60.  Joel, Billy  Piano Man




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