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Dictionary of terms and abbreviations


LP - Long Play – Long Play. 12-inch Long Play vinyl record with rotation speed 33 1/3 RPM. 2LP and 3LP are 2 records and 3 records respectively.
Single – Single Play Record. 7-inch vinyl record with rotation speed 45 RPM with one or two songs
Maxi-Single - 12-inch Single vinyl record with rotation speed 33 1/3 or 45 RPM with 3 or 4 songs.
EP - Extended Play – mini-album. 7-inch vinyl record with rotation speed 33 1/3 or 45 RPM with 3 or songs. Provided with . Sometimes 10-inch and 12-inch mini-albums with rotation speed 33 1/3 RPM with 3 to 6 songs.
Box Set – One or several vinyl record in special box. Often with additional booklets, poster or other inner accessories.
Bootleg – illegal, but not necessarily handicraft vinyl record of the famous artist released without his consent. These can be recordings from concerts, parties, studio-production etc. Most of the time, the quality of such products is low with some exceptions. There were cases when a bootleg successful in content and quality was included by the artist himself in discography.
Picture Disc – Vinyl record with picture on it.
Promo Copy или DJ Copy – Vinyl record produced exclusively for purposes of demonstration or advertisement. Usually, “Not For Sale” is printed on the icon or the cover. Generally, these records are sent off to radio stations for DJ and journalists prior to the mass release of the product. Design of these products can differ from that of general release products (for example, a label might have white colour).
Gatefold – cover is folded into two parts.
Triple Gatefold – cover is folded into three parts.
Inner Sleeve – an insert with photos, pictures, lyrics etc.
Lyric Sheet – insert with lyrics, photoes or other information.
Booklet - Booklet.
Numbered – limited edition, has serial number on the cover.
Sealed - Sealed.
Cut-Out – this term means that the product was discounted by means of some intentional damage done to it. Usually, it is signified by either cutting off an angle of the cover or making a hole in it. After that, owners can no longer sell it for original price. Cut-out does not affect the assessment of quality.
Jump / wave - needle jump to the neighboring furrow / the concave surface of the plate.
А1, А2, ...; В1, В2, ...; С1, С2, ... - number of tracks on the side.



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